Jobs in Japanese Language


Jobs in Japanese Language

There are tons of job opportunities in the Japanese language . From translating, interpreting, and teaching to working in tourism, international business.

While having an excellent command of Japanese is a requirement for any job in the Japanese sector, there are other things to consider too. For example, how to answer questions in Japanese. These include which verbs and patterns to use in professional fields, how to use the right vocabulary for interviews, etc...

As any institute can teach you Japanese in Delhi, you'll need one like ours (TLS) -

That not only teaches Japanese via courses but also prepares its students for Japanese interviews to stand out among other candidates….And it's all within your Japanese course budget. This will give you the confidence to face job interviews and the skills to answer questions correctly.

Why choose us?

Having a high success rate in the visa process and our students succeeding in Japanese industries proves the effectiveness of our Japanese courses.

Enrolling in one of our Japanese language courses means you'll get guidance from our professional and experienced teachers, plus some tried and true tips and tricks that have helped our previous students get the job they want.

You will receive step-by-step career guidance, as well as study materials with useful vocabularies and patterns for your career so that only you shine in your chosen sector.

Since these are our insider tips and guide, you must Enroll today as you won't find them elsewhere in Delhi.

Our teaching style is different from any other Japanese institute in Delhi.


We teach our students the Japanese language and prepare them for job interviews. Instead of just teaching the language, we create an immersive environment and focus on practical usage.

Learning Japanese with TLS can open up a wide range of job opportunities for fluent Japanese speakers. TLS can help you develop the language skills necessary for success in the Japanese job market.

You’ll get language support for long-term career success. Your communication skills will develop and you’ll gain the confidence to express yourself in Japanese. Our goal is to prepare students with the language skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen careers.

With the right Japanese language skills, you can succeed. Don't delay - enroll today!

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