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About TLS

"For many years now, we, as well as our students, have proudly celebrated exceptional JLPT results."

Welcome to TLS, the Best Japanese Language Institute in Delhi for, learning Japanese Language and IT Courses. We offer a comprehensive range of Japanese language courses from N5 to N1 levels and IT courses from basic to advanced. Located in Laxmi Nagar, we pride ourselves on our well-trained, dedicated staff who make learning easy and effective. At TLS, we promise to make education accessible and flexible, offering offline and learn Japanese online options to suit your preferences. Whether you are looking to study in Japan or find jobs in Japan, we guide you in obtaining study and work visas, ensuring your success.
Our Japanese language courses are structured to give you a clear understanding of your progress, helping you decide when to apply for jobs in the Japanese language field. We also offer preparation for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), ensuring you are well-equipped for certification.
In our IT courses, you can choose between basic and advanced levels, gaining knowledge in digital marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, and more. These skills will open up new career opportunities and pathways for growth.

Our Mission

Our mission at TLS is to empower our students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a globalized world. We are committed to providing top-tier Japanese Language and IT courses that are affordable and accessible to all.

Our Vision

We envision a world where language and technology barriers are eliminated, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across cultures. By offering exceptional education in Japanese and IT, we aim to bridge gaps and open up new opportunities for our students. Join TLS today, the best institute to build a career in Japanese Language and IT courses. With our vast range of facilities and practical exposure, we guide you towards a bright future and advanced growth opportunities. https://www.teamlanguages.com


TLS - Japanese Language and IT Courses

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  1. Renowned Expertise:As one of Delhi's premier Japanese language institutes of higher learning, TLS is pleased to offer outstanding education through experienced, highly qualified instructors.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our classes cover all aspects of the Japanese Language, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening, to provide a well-rounded learning experience.
  3. Interactive Learning: We believe in making education exciting and interactive by offering dynamic seminars encouraging active participation and practical applications.
  4. Flexible Options:TLS provides in-person and online classes to match your schedule and learning preferences, allowing you to study when and where it's most convenient.
  5. Career Advancement: Besides language courses, our IT training programs equip you with the technical skills needed to excel in today's competitive job market.
  6. Assessments and Doubt Clearing Sessions: ForPeriodic assessments conducted through tests and revision classes, along with the conduct of doubt-clearing sessions, make this institute the best choice amongst all the institutes in Delhi.

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