At TLS - Japanese Language and IT Courses students will develop and enhance their skills. It will help them elevate their competition and build outstanding careers. We provide the best facilities for our students to become unbeatable.

We help and guide students to learn and enhance their skills for better job opportunities and career growth. For the students opting for The basics of digital marketing course will cover the fundamentals of Website Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Adsense and Blogging, and more.

TLS- IT Courses is divided into two sections: Basic IT Courses and Advanced Courses. Students can select courses as per their preferences.

Basic IT Courses

At TLS -Japanese Language and IT Courses students can learn about the basics of IT Courses. The basic IT Course gives a brief introduction to IT Courses. This will help students explore and enhance their skills.

The students selecting the basics of IT Courses will get a brief introduction to Digital Marketing, Website Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, PPC Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Twitter Advertising, Video Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Google Analytics, Online Reputation Management, Adsense and blogging.

Advanced IT Courses

At TLS - Japanese Language and IT Courses, students selecting Advanced IT Courses will learn about Google Ads, Graphic Design, Website Development, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization,and more.

IT Courses will help to increase their knowledge and nourish their skills. We provide students with the best mentorship and guidance for their career growth. We help and guide students to learn and enhance their skills for better job opportunities and career growth.

The Advanced IT courses will cover Google Ads, Graphic Design, Website Development, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization,and more, along with the Basics of IT courses.

TLS offers the best and topmost education facilities to its students. The IT course curriculum is mentioned below:

Social Media Marketing

Gain knowledge about Conversational Marketing

Understand the importance of content creation for social media

Learn about the features and algorithm of Social Media

Facebook Marketing

Learn about profile creation on FB

Understand about to optimize your profile

Learn how to increase the reach of your FB page

Learn how to create best strategies for better performance

Increase your knowledge about FB posting and FB Messenger optimisation

Twitter Marketing

Learn about Twitter optimization

Learn about Twitter Terms and condition

Understand how to use Twitter for business

Learn how to set up Quick Guide on Twitter

Linkedin Marketing

Learn about Linkedin profile creation

Understand the optimization of your linkedin profile

learn how to grow Linkedin Network

LearnLearn how to create attractive Linkedin Post

Graphic Designing

Understand the basic fundamentals of Graphic Design

Learn about the uses of Designing- Marketing Kits

Understand the the importance of Designing Online Documents

Learn about advanced Designing Principles

Learn how to create Social Media & Whatsapp Banner Design

Video Marketing

Learn about Video Creation Strategy

Understand the importance of Video Marketing and scripting

Learn about the basics of Video Editing

Learn how to create engaging videos

Website Creation

Buying Domain & Hosting

Learn about the functioning of Wordpress

Learn how to create Home Page & Blog

Understand about how add one squeeze page

Learn about customization practice and Menu

Instagram Marketing

Understanding the impact of Instagram On Business

Learn how to optimize Instagram Profile

Understand the Instagram Algorithm and insights

Learn how to grow your Instagram profile

Local SEO

Learn about the Google Business Profile Optimization

Understand the basics of Classified Optimization

Learn about NAP Optimization

Introduction to SEO

Learn about the functioning of Search Engine Optimization

Understand the importance of SEO and its algorithms

Learn about the importance of SEO Ranking Factor

Introduction to Google Analytics

Learn how to setup Google Analytics On Website

Learn about the Google Analytics Account Structure

Learn how to create Google Analytics Audience Report

Understand the importance of creating Google Analytics Acquisition Report

Learn about the importance of Google Analytics Behaviour Report

Video Advertising

The basic introduction to Video Ads

Understand about Video Ad and Campaign Types

Learn about Bidding, Budget, Network & Inventory Options

Understand the importance of Video Campaign Targeting Options

Google Ads

The basic Introduction to Paid Marketing & Google Ads

Learn about types of Campaigns in Google Ads

Understand the importance of Bidding, Auctions and Budget

Learn how to maintain Account Structure and Billing Setup

Website Development

Learn about Buying Domain & Hosting

Understand the concept about C-panel

Learn how to Install Wordpress

Learn how to customize Theme, Build Homepage and Blog

Learn how to add One Squeeze Page and customize menu

Learn basics of website creation with HTML, CSS, JAVA Script and JQuery

PPC Advertising

Learn about Basics of PPC Advertising

Understand the functioning and working of PPC Advertising

Learn about the keyword optimization

Learn how to create compelling ads

Understand about advanced Ad feature

Online Reputation Management

Learn about the basic Online Reputation Analytical and research skills

Understand about importance of how to optimize media

Learn about the importance of technical and digital skills

Understand about content creation and marketing skills in ORM

ADsense and blogging

Learn how to create adsense account

Understand how to create ads

Learn how to allow and block ads

Understand the basic concepts of adsense

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