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TLS is that the India's Trusted Japanese School, Learning a new language involves listening, speaking, reading, writing, sometimes even a new alphabet and writing format. TLS provides learning along with guidance & Career Opportunities

Slipper Ettiquette

In Japan, it is an important tradition to take shoes off inside the house. That lifestyle has been around for centuries among Japanese people so that it can’t be ignored. The same has been followed in TLS. The students coming to learn Japanese here need to wear slipper before entering in class. This is mandatory for all students.

Biometric Attendence

Japan features a reputation for extreme punctuality, where everything runs sort of a well-oiled machine and therefore the train companies apologize for being a moment late, and this is often generally true. So we also are doing the same by Biometric Attendance. Biometric devices help to manage the attendance of each student in TLS with one click of a mouse. Punctuality is must in TLS.

Smart Class

The smart class concept is totally new vision and ready to produce interest in studies. Smart school and smart class is an innovative concept and TLS is following an equivalent. Along traditional class we also indulge our students in smart classes as it’s easy to specialize in reading comprehension when studying, partially because written language is usually readily accessible


Japanese listening practice is the most vital part for one to master in Japanese language and to assist our students. We had add on TABLETS in library where one can practice the maximum amount as they need to with the assistance of headphones which also are available in Library. One can explore any level of listening in here ranging from N5 level to N1 all is out there in soft in our TABLETS

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