How to prepare for JLPT N3?


How to prepare for JLPT N3?

Tensed about the approaching JLPT? Planning to appear for the N3 level of JLPT? Tensed about how to delve yourself into a proper preparation for the exam?

How to prepare for JLPT N3

Don't worry! It's absolutely normal. Exam brings in with itself a lot of worries and confusions. But with the correct and proper scheduled preparations, one can clear any exam with absolute ease and JLPT is no different.

All that an examinee require are a proper study routine and dedication.

JLPT comprises of five levels: N5, N4, N3, N2 and N1. The JLPT N3 is considered to be an intermediate level of the test. After clearing this level onwards, students getting exposure to many opportunities. A quick reading of this article will help you with the important information and whereabouts which will help you prepare well for the upcoming JLPT N5 level.

In this blog, we will try to provide a proper listing of all that is required to sit for the JLPT N3 level with ease.

What does the JLPT N3 level comprise of?

The JLPT N3 tests the proficiency of the intermediate level of the Japanese language speakers. It tests the ability of speakers to understand Japanese used in everyday situations to a certain degree. The test requirements are:

  • To read and understand materials based on specific day-to-day topics
  • The ability to grasp bits and pieces of information such as newspaper headlines and summaries
  • Fair understanding of difficult writings
  • Listening, understanding and comprehending to day-to-day conversations of people.


Following is a table suggesting the sections of the exam and the respective question types:

Question types

1. Language Knowledge (Vocabulary)

– Kanji reading
– Orthography
– Contextually-defined expressions
– Paraphrases
– Usage

2. Language Knowledge (Grammar) and Reading

– Sentential grammar 1 (selecting grammar form)
– Sentential grammar 2 (sentence composition)
– Text grammar
– Comprehension (short passages)
– Comprehension (mid-length passages)
– Comprehension (long passages)

3. Listening

– Task-based comprehension
– Comprehension of key points
– Comprehension of general outline
– Verbal expressions
– Quick response

The JLPT N3 level requires the mastery of about 650 kanji and 3700 vocabulary words. Although, this requirement may sound too high or tough, yet with well-organised plan of study one may attain the level with ease.

How to prepare for JLPT N3

Some quick tips to prepare for JLPT N3:

  1. Try to be consistent

    While preparing for any kind of exam, it is not bound that one must study for longer hours every day. But it is really very important that one must be consistent. Devoting a proper time of the day for any kind of preparation is very importance. You must have a proper synchronized routine while preparing for the exam. Inconsistency while preparing for JLPT N3 can lead to bad results.

  2. Constant revision is a must

    Constant revision is a must for correction and self-improvement. One must keep in mind that revision necessary to improve and retain things in mind. As the famous saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect”, regular practice of all the sections of the test is necessary to enhance your skills and improve your performance.

  3. Highlight the key points available

    Always try to highlight the key points because it will help you in revising the important points before the exam. It will become easier for you to keep a note of all the things that are important or at sometimes a bit tough.

  4. Attempt Online Mock Tests

    Many online mock JLPT are available on various websites. These tests will help you increase your confidence. Not only this, but also you will be able to correct the errors and trace the parts where you are lacking in practice and need improvement.

  5. Trace out your strongest and weakest attributes

    While starting your preparations for JLPT, first trace out your strongest and weakest skills. Allocate more time to studying the ones you are weakest at. This will ensure a proper format of your study schedule.

  6. Learning Kanji

    For JLPT N3 exam, a knowledge of about 650 kanji is necessary. So, an examinee must set a proper goal to attain the knowledge of these estimated 650 kanjis. Keep a track of your daily Kanji practice and review them once in a week.


Attempt the exam with proper focus, synchronization and perseverance!!!
Best wishes!

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