How to prepare for JLPT?


How to prepare for JLPT?

Thinking of taking the JLPT test? Are you tensed about the preparations? Is it not going on well enough?

Learning Japanese Language

Don't worry! You're at the right place. This blog will surely help you out of all troubles and increase your chances of passing the examination.

Exams carry with it a bundle of nervousness. It is very obvious. But the preparation can set everything into place and you will be able to sit confidently for the exam.

Before knowing about the preparation of the exam, first let us see in detail what each JLPT level is meant for.

All about JLPT levels

According to a report published by Japan Times, the N1 level of JLPT is the standard most level when it comes to fluency of the Japanese language, N2 level of the exam is termed as the business level and N3 stands as the minimum level of requirement to work in Japan or with Japanese firms.
But to reach N3, one must first go through the N5 and N4 levels of exams. Although it is not mandatory for one to attempt from the N5 beginners' level, yet it is suggested that one should do so to test one's efficiency.

How many hours should one study for JLPT?

According to Coto Academy, there is an estimate of study hours that one must follow before taking the JLPT.

Exam level

Hours needed to study

With kanji knowledge

Without kanji knowledge


350 hours

462 hours


550 hours

787 hours


900 hours

1325 hours


1475 hours

2200 hours


2150 hours

3900 hours


Tips to prepare for JLPT

  1. Be consistent

    While preparing for an exam, it is not bound that you must study for longer hours every day. But it's very necessary that you must be consistent. Devoting a proper time of the day for any kind of preparation is of utmost importance. You must have a proper routine while preparing for the exam. Inconsistency while preparing for JLPT can lead to bad results.

  2. Constant revision

    Constant revision is required for correction and self-improvement. One must keep in mind that revision is utmost necessary to improve and retain things in mind. Practice sheets are a must. As the famous saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect”, regular practice of all the sections of the test are necessary to enhance your skills.

  3. Highlight the key points

    Always try to highlight the key points. This habit of yours will help you in revising the important things before the exam. It will become easier for you to track and keep a note of all the things that seem important or at sometimes a bit tough.

  4. Online Mock Tests

    Many online mock JLPT are available on various websites. Taking these tests will help you boost your confidence before sitting for the exam. Not only this, but also you will be able to correct the errors and trace the parts where you are lacking in practice and need improvement.

Get, set, go!
Learning the Japanese Language can be a bit intimidating and that too taking the JLPT can sound even more tougher. But, with proper preparations it can become easier. Moreover, it will open up numerous career options for you both in India and abroad. There are numerous Japanese Language schools in Indiawhich offer Japanese language courses. You can even come in touch with those for enhancing your knowledge of the language along with the preparations. If not, in today's technologically advanced world you can learn everything at your fingertips too.

Happy Learning! Keep Growing!

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