How do I get ready for the JLPT?


How do I get ready for the JLPT?

Consider taking the JLPT exam. Do the preparations make you anxious? Is it not going as planned?

Learning Japanese Language

Not to worry! You are in the proper location. You will undoubtedly get out of difficulties with the help of this site, which will also improve your chances of passing the test.

Exams bring a great deal of anxiety. It is pretty clear. However, with enough preparation, everything can fall into place, allowing you to take the exam with assurance.

Let's first examine each JLPT level's purpose in detail before learning about exam preparation.

information on JLPT levels

A Japan Times article claims that the N1 level of the JLPT is the minimal standard for employment in Japan or with Japanese companies, the N2 level is the business level, and the N3 level is the most basic requirement for fluency in the Japanese language.

But one must first pass the N5 and N4 sets of exams in order to achieve N3. Although starting at the N5 beginners' level is not required, it is advised to do so in order to gauge your proficiency.

How long should one spend studying for the JLPT?

Before taking the JLPT, one must adhere to a suggested number of study hours, claims Coto Academy.

Exam level

Hours needed to study

With kanji knowledge

Without kanji knowledge


350 hours

462 hours


550 hours

787 hours


900 hours

1325 hours


1475 hours

2200 hours


2150 hours

3900 hours


Tips for JLPT preparation

1. Be consistent
There is no requirement that you study for longer hours each day when getting ready for an exam. But it's imperative that you maintain consistency. It is crucial to set out a specific time of day for any form of preparation. In order to properly prepare for the exam, you must follow a regimen. Consistency is key to success when studying for the JLPT.

2. Regular revision

For rectification and self-improvement, revision must be carried out continuously. Revision is absolutely vital to develop and maintain knowledge, it must be kept in mind. Practice pages are a requirement. As the adage goes, "Practice makes a man perfect," thus regular practice of all the test portions is essential to improving your abilities.

3. Emphasise the important points
The important points should always be highlighted. You will be able to review the crucial concepts before the exam thanks to this behaviour of yours. Your ability to keep track of and make notes about all the things that appear important or occasionally challenging will improve.

4. Online mock exams

There are numerous websites that offer online mock JLPT tests. You can increase your confidence before the exam by taking these tests. In addition to this, you will be able to identify your mistakes and pinpoint the areas that still require practice.

Get ready to go!

Learning the Japanese language can be intimidating, and taking the JLPT can seem like an even bigger challenge. But it can be made simpler with the right planning. Additionally, it will give you a wide range of employment opportunities in India and overseas. There are many Japanese language schools in India that provide lessons in the language. You can even get in touch with them to improve both your preparations and your language skills. If not, you can access all knowledge at your fingertips in the modern, technologically evolved world.

Happy studying! Keep growing!

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