What Are the Basic Requirements of Becoming a Teacher in Japan?


What Are the Basic Requirements of Becoming a Teacher in Japan?

Pondering upon how to become an English teacher in Japan? Get to know about the required qualifications to teach English in Japan including all the other requirements such as age requirements, citizenship, education and visa.

Dreaming of building your career as teacher of the English language in the Land of the Rising Sun? Is the beautiful land of Cherry Blossoms calling you with open hands to dwell and earn it? Here’s the list of requirements that you will be required to fulfill to make your dream come true.

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Amongst all the countries of Asia, Japan is known to recruit a larger number of English language teachers and instructors. The Government of Japan started an official English Language Teaching Recruitment Program back in the late 1970s, drawing in native English speakers to Japan as English language teachers/ instructors.

The qualifications required to become an English Language Teacher in Japan:

  • You must hold a citizenship from a recognized English-speaking country:

    Most schools desire to hire teachers who mostly belong to the “BIG 7” i.e. U.S, U.K, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. But they sometimes also hire highly qualified English speakers from the Caribbean in some cases. Citizens from other countries may also be eligible if they hold 12+ years of education in an English-speaking school or hold 3 years of experience in teaching in ESL.

  • You must hold Bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University:

    To become an English Language Teacher in Japan, you must hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University. The degree can be held in any Discipline, preferably English.

  • You must not have any kind of criminal record:

    A clean background without any criminal record is required to work in the schools in Japan. Specially, in the Japanese Exchange & Teaching (JET) Program, the background check is of utmost importance.

  • You will have to pass a health exam and a drug test:

    The Japanese Government is very intolerable toward drug offenses. Anything found drug-related in connection to you, you will be debarred from the nation as it will be a violent crime against children as per government rules. Many schools also conduct drug tests for teachers.

  • You must meet the proper age-requirement as provided by the Japanese Government:

    Generally, teachers between the age group of 20s-30s are hired. The standard age of retirement in Japan is 60.

  • You must be eligible to pay the basic start-up costs:

    Japan demands a high-cost of living. The landlords ask for “key money” which is compulsory “gift” payment to the landlord upon renting an apartment. While schools in Japan pay a handsome salary and provide great benefits along with the salary, yet if you are planning to shift to Japan, you must keep a savings of atleast $3500 in hand.

  • You must hold a TEFL certification (compulsory):

    Reputed private language schools in Japan, demand a TEFL certification to recruit you. Although it is not a necessity, yet if you want to get involved with the JET program you will be needing this certificate handy.

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