How to prepare for JLPT N4 the RIGHT WAY


How to prepare for JLPT N4 the RIGHT WAY

Tensed about the upcoming JLPT? Thinking about the easiest ways to prepare for JLPT N4 level? In need of some tips for preparation?

Stop worrying! A reading into this blog will ease you out with all the confusions and difficulties which you are facing at this current point of time.

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Tips to prepare for the Test:

  1. Be consistent

    While preparing for an exam, it is not bound that you must study for longer hours every day. But it’s very necessary that you must be consistent. Devoting a proper time of the day for any kind of preparation is of utmost importance. You must have a proper routine while preparing for the exam. Inconsistency while preparing for JLPT can lead to bad results.

  2. Constant revision

    Constant revision is required for correction and self-improvement. One must keep in mind that revision is utmost necessary to improve and retain things in mind. Practice sheets are a must. As the famous saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect”, regular practice of all the sections of the test is necessary to enhance your skills.

  3. Highlight the key points

    Always try to highlight the key points. This habit of yours will help you in revising the important things before the exam. It will become easier for you to track and keep a note of all the things that seem important or at sometimes a bit tough.

  4. Online Mock Tests

    Many online mock JLPT are available on various websites. Taking these tests will help you boost your confidence before sitting for the exam. Not only this, but also you will be able to correct the errors and trace the parts where you are lacking in practice and need improvement.

  5. Strongest and Weakest attributes

    While starting your preparations for JLPT, first trace out your strongest and weakest skills. Allocate more time to studying the ones you are weakest at. This will ensure a proper format of your study schedule.

  6. Grammar and Vocabulary

    For the N4 exam, studying grammar and vocabulary is of utmost importance. It lays the foundation for the exam ensuring effective progress while reading and listening as this will help understand and comprehend things better. Vocabulary is essentially the most important aspect of JLPT as without a proper knowledge of vocabulary it becomes difficult to grasp the context of questions and problems.

  7. Learning Kanji

    For JLPT N4 exam, a knowledge of about 300 kanji is necessary. So, an examinee must set a proper goal to attain the knowledge of these estimated 300 kanjis. Keep a note of your daily Kanji practice and review them once in a week.

  8. Reading and Listening

    Most students find the sections of reading and listening to be quite challenging. Train yourself as much as possible. You must remember that the test is a multiple-choice type of test. So, it will be comparatively easier.

The learning of the Japanese language can seem tough but with the correct process of studying and preparation everything becomes easy. With a proper grasp of the Japanese language numerous career options are opened up and this gives a new horizon to one’s career. Get yourself enrolled into a proper language course for facilitating your journey of learning with ease. Sit for JLPT with confidence upon yourself and a proper set study schedule.

Stay Motivated! All the Best!!

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