How to Prepare for a Job Interview in Japanese


How to Prepare for a Job Interview in Japanese

Want to get the interview skills that have helped our students land Japanese jobs?

The support of our certified and experienced teachers is no doubt the only support you need if you're looking to land a Japanese job or crack any Japanese interview....

Join other Japanese learners today and get these worthy benefits within TLS affordable courses:

  1. Attend our Kaiwa classes: You can attend classes which benefit those who are new to the language. The trainers have experience teaching Japanese, and the workshops provide an excellent opportunity to understand the language and its basic concepts.
  2. Use online resources : TLS Japanese language Institute also has its own app and offers a range of online resources from beginners to advanced. You’ll get a variety of tools such as audio and video tutorials, flashcards, and tutorials. These tools can help students understand the language better.
  3. Interview preparation : During extra classes for job interview preparation, our teachers will teach you how to answer questions, what vocabulary to use, and how to ace the interview.
  4. Join our language exchange group: Every month we organise conversation classes in which you can talk with our teachers and your classmates in Japanese. By taking advantage of such classes your confidence will build and you’ll learn new phrases and daily vocab which will enhance your Japanese fluency. In addition, these classes also allow you to experience Japanese culture and learn from your peers in a fun and interactive environment.
  5. Use the TLS app: With our own app, you can take Japanese classes whenever and wherever you want. Despite being online, these Japanese language online classes will be fun - you'll get study materials, interview prep, and JLPT prep classes and many other benefits all in one place!

Enroll in our Japanese courses today if you -

  • want to learn the language easily and quickly
  • Want to learn from native Japanese teachers
  • Want to speak fluently in less than 3 months
  • Want to learn tips and tricks
  • Want to participate in multiple fun Japanese activities to enhance learning
  • Get all these benefits on budget
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