How to learn Japanese language: 11 steps for beginners


How to learn Japanese language: 11 steps for beginners

  1. Strong mindset;

    Your mindset should be strong for learning Japanese language in order to understand its patterns because most people quit it in its first level thinking it as difficult and that is where they fail in learning Japanese, while this is not the case. You can learn anything in this world if you set your mind into it. Thus, a person must have strong mindset while learning the Japanese language.

  2. Hiragana and Katakana (Start with the basic script)

    In the Japanese course if you master hiragana and katakana scripts then you will be able to understand and read the Japanese language easily. Where Hiragana refers to japans’ native names whereas Katakana refers to nonnative names (foreign names) which have 46 alphabets respectively. Their sounds are same but writings are different. 1-2 weeks of continuous practice, you'll be able to learn the language quickly. Learn these two scripts before learning Kanji characters.

  3. Learning Grammar Pattern:

    Japanese conversation will be possible only after reading the grammar rules of Japanese. Patterns clarify the Japanese conversation.

  4. Make Memory Cards;

    Make small cards so you can learn any grammar and vocab patterns easily, quickly, and never have to worry about forgetting them again. If someone ever asks you anything about Japanese, you will be able to answer them easily.

  5. Practice more from Worksheets:

    Japanese Language Lessons provide work sheets of each lesson to practice. Which will help you in making sentences in the Japanese Language.

  6. Play Games in Japanese language:

    Games such as Word chain game helps students in enhancing their vocabulary knowledge.

  7. Shadowing in Japanese.

    Repeating any expression again and again is the best way of adapting Japanese accent. This will improve your speaking and will also help in learning new and different words.

  8. Use digital dictionary:

    Instead of searching meaning of difficult words in any dictionary book, you can download online Japanese dictionary in your phone. It will be much more accessible.

  9. Self Study:

    Self study should be a part of your daily practice routine to learn the Japanese language in the easiest way possible. It will help in the listening, reading and writing pattern....Just like a self revision.

  10. Communicate with other Japanese Speaker:

    Try to communicate to other people who are native or are in the process of learning the language. This will not only boost your language proficiency but will also help in building confidence while speaking.

  11. Learn in TLS institute;

    Last but not the least The TLS institute where you will be educated by certified Indian and native Japanese educators who will help you in improving the listening and writing of the language. This organization provides relevant notes to pass in JLPT EXAM.

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