Career options after learning Japanese in foreign countries


Career options after learning Japanese in foreign countries

Learning Japanese Language

Pondering upon the idea of learning the Japanese Language but unaware of what to do next? Just stop and take a chill pill, because I am here to help you out from the trap of confusions. Learning a new language, especially a foreign language has become a necessity at this current point of time to carve out the best of career opportunities both in one’s own country and abroad.

In such a scenario, learning languages like the Japanese language opens up numerous pathways to excel your career. You be amazed and awestruck to know that there’s more to it than you imagine. Career choices tops the list of all the motivations for language learners.

Reasons of choosing Japanese as a career.

7 Dream Career options that require Japanese language skills abroad

Reasons for choosing Japanese as a career:

“The Land of the Rising Sun” Japan is synonymous with advanced technologies, innovations and a high-productivity work environment. Globalization, international relations etc. etc., have turned out the world into a small and compact space where every single person can connect to every other person. In such a scenario, the island country Japan, has always tried to place itself in the forefront. It has established offices and branches worldwide.

And it is at this point of time that the Japanese language becomes the most important language for communication. And those who can speak Japanese well are exposed to a lot of opportunities. The language will act as a bridge to the international arena.

Here are 7 best of career options that require Japanese Language skills to build your career in foreign countries!

With your knowledge of the Japanese Language, you can work anywhere around the globe as a Japanese Language teacher. Throughout the world, there are numerous Language schools running their classes both on online as well as offline platforms. You can even run your own online language teaching platform as well as offline language schools by dint of your knowledge of the Japanese language.

Jobs in Embassies

If you are well versed in Japanese, career opportunities in Embassies worldwide are open to you. Being a bilingual speaker, specially with your language knowledge of both English and Japanese will be highly valuable since it will allow you to work in any country’s embassy. Both countries’ embassies are almost certain to be there in other nations. Embassies deal with issues which effect the nations and their peace so people with the knowledge of these two languages are sought and preferred.

Aviation Industry

Knowledge of multiple languages can help boost your career in the aviation industry as well. This particular industry has always sought for the staff with multilingual skills. If you have the knowledge of both English and Japanese you can better cater to the passengers’ needs. Moreover, flights shuttling on the lines between any English- speaking countries to Japan would prefer cabin crew who have a proper clutch over the Japanese language. Other posts of the ground staff too require multilingual people in this industry, it being an entirely global industry.

English teacher in Japan

With Japanese as your second language, you can set yourself up in the educational arena in Japan. If you have the knowledge of both the English Language as well as the Japanese Language, chances become really high of you being recruited as a teacher of English Language in Japan. You can work as a teacher in a public school for children in all elementary, middle and high schools. There are also many recruitments drive for educators who can teach English at private language schools around the country. These positions require a bachelor’s degree and certification called TOEFL. However, it is an excellent chance to travel to and stay in Japan with a porch experience of the Japanese culture and lifestyle.

Content creator

Content creation which is relatable to both English and Japanese language speakers will provide you access to a much bigger audience on the global level. You can get a great involvement with a global audience and getting such an exposure can provide you the job of a content creator of established firms around the world.

Tourism, Hospitality and Management

The tourism industry plays one of the most important roles in generating economies of countries around the globe. Being a multilingual person, you can break the barriers of communication with the tourists. If you are well- versed in languages like English and other foreign languages along with being a fluent Japanese speaker, you can become a great tourist guide. You can also discover job avenues in hotels, resorts, etc.


Both employers and potential employees seek for translators. Also, companies who handle international clients seek for translators. Opportunities are provided to those who have learnt proper Japanese Language from Language schools. You can also work as a proof-reader or translate the books from Japanese to other languages or vice-versa for a global sale.


What to do next?

Learning the Japanese language can give you the widest and the best of experience of working in a foreign land. Even if you are a JLPT N3, if not N2 or N1, you can easily get access to numerous career opportunities in foreign lands. It will uplift your career and provide you with a number of career choices for life.

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