Career benefits of knowing Japanese language in India


Career benefits of knowing Japanese language in India

The more you become multilingual, the more opportunities approach you. Learning foreign languages have opened up new ways for people worldwide. Numerous benefits are entangled with this learning of foreign languages. Amongst the most popular foreign languages which are drawing numerous learners towards them are: French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Arabic etc. Amongst these, Japanese is the most popular East-Asian language with numerous career prospects.

Is Japanese a difficult language to learn?
Before setting up your mind to learn the Japanese language, many questions may arise such as the difficulty level of the language, the prospects that the language can bring up to you, the grip which you can attain upon the language, etc. To be frank, the Japanese language has a difficulty level a bit higher than other languages. But, in this technologically advanced age, nothing is impossible. You can avail every knowledge with just the click of your fingers. Numerous Language Schools providing classes of the languages can facilitate your learning of it in a comparatively easy manner.

Thinking of getting well-versed in the Japanese Language? Confused about the career opportunities? You want to learn the Japanese Language but planning to work in India? Don’t worry! I have the answer to all your questions.

Here is a list of 10 career benefits of knowing the Japanese Language in India.

Clear all your Doubts:
The Japanese Language has emerged as one of most popular foreign languages at this point of time. Today’s world is shrouded with a cover of globalization and people must upgrade themselves to keep themselves up with the advancing age. And the easiest way to keep up with this growing world is learning a new language. Amongst all the languages, the Japanese language learning may seem very intimidating, but it widens up your horizons of career prospects to the greatest of extents.

10 career benefits of knowing the Japanese Language in India:

  1. Japanese Language Teacher/ Trainer:

    You can get yourself engaged in the respectable profession of teaching by dint of your Japanese Language knowledge. With your knowledge of the Japanese Language, you can work anywhere around the globe as a Japanese Language teacher. Throughout the world, there are numerous Language schools running their classes both on online as well as offline platforms. You can even run your own online language teaching platform as well as offline language schools by dint of your knowledge of the Japanese language. India has become a hub of numerous language schools providing education blended mode and you can easily become a part of this fraternity.

  2. Translator

    Translators have become an important part of the worldwide businesses which are being established. Both employers and potential employees seek for translators. Also, companies who handle international clients seek for translators. Opportunities are provided to those who have learnt proper Japanese Language from Language schools. You can also work as a proof-reader or translate the books from Japanese to other languages or vice-versa for a global sale.

  3. Interpreter

    Working as an interpreter, you can become a mediator between two speakers of two different languages. For this, you need to acquire the knowledge of both the languages of both the parties involved in the conversation. Many companies, both in the public as well as private sectors need such interpreters to ease their work. You can become both translator as well as an interpreter in such firms.

  4. Higher studies in Japan

    Planning to study in Japan? Then, getting well-versed in the Japanese Language is the first step to make your upcoming plans successful. If you learn the Japanese Language and attain any of the N1, N2 or N3 levels in JLPT, it will become very easy for you to get admitted into a higher educational institute in Japan. It will help you build a successful career ahead both in Indian and abroad.

  5. Embassies and Govt. Jobs

    Almost every one or the other dreams of a government job. Do you know that you can avail of a government dream job by dint of your knowledge of the Japanese language. Embassies hire multilingual or at least bilingual people. If you are well versed in Japanese, career opportunities in Embassies worldwide are open to you. Being a bilingual speaker, specially, with your language knowledge of both English and Japanese will be highly valuable since it will allow you to work in any country’s embassy including the Indian embassy. Both countries’ embassies are almost certain to be there in other nations. Embassies deal with issues which effect the nations and their peace so people with the knowledge of these two languages are sought and preferred.

  6. Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

    Travel, Tourism and Hospitality is a great resource generating industry worldwide. Countries like India, are able to generate more than half of its income from this industry. In such a scenario, the industry requires a huge number of staff. Mostly, people who have knowledge of other languages rather than the mother-tongue are preferred. If you are a Japanese language speaker than the chances of getting yourself hired in this industry gets higher as you can deal with the Japanese native and non-native speakers easily.

  7. Jobs in BPO

    Your career can shine in BPOs too. Business-process outsourcing (BPO) call centres prefer employes who have a good command over multiple language. If you are a Japanese language speaker, the BPOs may prefer to recruit you to handle the International clients who are Japanese speakers.

  8. Corporate Sectors

    The Global Corporate Sector comprising of numerous Multi-National Companies are always in search of people or staff who can deal with any type of client when and where ever required. They hire people who are multilingual because these people can deal with the International Clients. Japan is a country which has business relations with every other country around the Globe including India. So, there a high chance of you to get recruited into a well-known top class MNC.

  9. Business

    You can even set up your own international business a successful entrepreneur. But for this, you must have proper knowledge of various languages to deal with your foreign clients. Learning Japanese can facilitate you to deal with the Japanese firms and locales. You can expand your business in a very short period of time. You can even invest your money in the TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange), one of the biggest stock markets in the world. But for this you must learn Japanese!

  10. Aviation Sector

    Knowledge of multiple languages can help boost your career in the aviation industry as well. This particular industry has always sought for the staff with multilingual skills. If you have the knowledge of both English and Japanese you can better cater to the passengers’ needs. Moreover, flights shuttling on the lines between any English- speaking countries to Japan would prefer cabin crew who have a proper clutch over the Japanese language. You can build up a good career in this industry in both India and abroad. Other posts of the ground staff too require multilingual people in this industry, it being an entirely global industry.

Get ready to boost up your career:

Get focused and make a great career choice to build up yourself up. Try to be unique and get yourself engaged in one of the world’s most interesting professions. Learn Japanese and give a limelight to your growing career. Make yourself fit to work anywhere around the Globe including your own country India. The language from “The Land of the Rising Sun” will surely provide a great rise to your career.

So, clear out your mind from all kinds of doubts and get join a Language teaching institute now!


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