All about JET Programme


All about JET Programme

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The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (外国語青年招致事業, Gaikokugo Seinen Shōchi Jigyō) or JET Programme, is an initiative of Japanese Government that invites college and university graduates to Japan as Assistant Language Teachers and Sports Education advisors in Japanese different levels of schools and institutes. The participants of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme called JETs.

The aims of the programme:
The English Teaching Recruitment Programme, later known as British English Teachers Scheme and Monbusho English Fellows Program were merged into a single entity in 1987 creating the JET Programme. The aims of the programme were revised to “increase mutual understanding between the people of Japan and the people of other nations, promote internalization in the local communities of Japan by improving foreign language education and to develop international exchange at the community level.” The JET programme doesn’t aim at looking for or hiring teachers but looks for cultural ambassadors to assist in foreign language education taught by Japanese Teachers of English.

The participants of the JET programme are selected for a duration of one year, with a maximum extended stay of three years, that is, two renewal cycles. Only a small number of exceptional JET participants are elected to stay for the maximum number of consecutive appointments.

In the JET Programme, participants come from 40 countries worldwide. The countries from where participants come from include India, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland. Those people who hold the Japanese passports can participate in the programme too, but for this they have to renounce their Japanese citizenship.

To participate in this programme, one must be well-versed in Japanese and hold a JLPT certification at least of the N3 level. Participating in this programme will help you build your career in an easy manner.

If you want to be a part of the JET programme in the near future and excel your career, then you must start your journey of learning the Japanese Language as soon as possible.

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