5 Essential Tips to Prepare for JLPT


5 Essential Tips to Prepare for JLPT

Tensed about the approaching JLPT? Not prepared well enough? Don't worry, you have got about a month's time in hand now. Here a few tips which you can follow to ease yourself and get a proper plan to prepare yourselves for the exams.

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Here are 5 most important tips that you should follow to get yourself ready for JLPT (June 2023):

  1. Focus on your Aim

    First, you must make a proper route map of all the things that you must learn for the JLPT level which you are aiming at. Crosscheck the sources or study materials before taking it as your exam guide. Find out the list of all the essential vocabulary, kanjis and grammar points that are necessary for your upcoming exam.

  2. Design a proper Study Routine

    If you are planning to sit examination, the thing that is of utmost importance is a proper study routine. Even though if you are unable to dedicate lengthy hours of your day to day lives, you must try to dedicate at least 3 to hours of your day and a that to with a consistency. Organizing your study routine and managing the time in a proper manner will allow you to get into a proper preparation.

  3. Keep the key points highlighted

    Keep in highlight those things which seem important to you or which can be easily forgotten. Highlighting those will facilitate your revision in a precise manner. Moreover, if you are not understanding something, do not remain stuck to it for a long period of time. Just leave it and proceed to the next exercise. You should keep in mind the scarcity of time and the huge pile of exercises to be covered.

  4. Try to touch all the essential topics

    Even if you are unable to cover each topic in detail and depth, but at least try to touch all the required topics as every prescribed section for the exam is necessary. In order to pass JLPT, you need to obtain a minimum global score that fluctuates for each level. Therefore, it is of utmost necessity that you must not leave anything aside and put effort on all sections of the exam.

  5. Attempt Online Mock JLPT

    There exist multiple websites which provide resources for practice of the JLPT. The official website of JLPT has numerous quizzes, audios and reading samples. Another website that provides such online tests is JLPT Drills. So, get yourself tested before sitting for JLPT 2023 and get yourself corrected where you are going wrong.

All you need is hard work, patience and perseverance.

Happy Learning!!! And Best Wishes for JLPT 2023.

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