The ultimate guide to Japanese Language N2 level with TLS


The ultimate guide to Japanese Language N2 level with TLS

Are you willing to pursue JLPT N2? In this blog, we will understand about JLPT N2 and learn a few tips and tricks to clear the JLPT N2 level in 2024.

Understanding JLPT.

Japanese Language Proficiency Tests, also known as JLPT, help examine the Japanese language score of non-native Japanese Language speakers. This test is organized twice yearly (July and December) in India. People willing to settle in Japan or want to study there need to opt JLPT tests.

JLPT is divided into five levels, as follows:

  • N5 and N4: The Most Basic Level
  • N3: Is the medium level. It works as a bridge between N5, N4, and N2, N1.
  • N2 and N1 are the most advanced levels.

Overview of JLPT N2 Level Certification. 

The JLPT N2 test is designed for learners with advanced competency. It implies you're capable of having advanced talks, analyzing difficult things, and expressing thoughts clearly. The exam material includes the following: 

Reading Comprehension: Analyzing and interpreting diverse written sources, such as essays, articles, and tales, using advanced kanji.

Listening comprehension is the ability to hear and understand spoken Japanese in a variety of circumstances and speeds, such as formal speeches, interviews, and conversations. 

Grammatical and Vocabulary: Showing command of complex grammatical structures, idiomatic idioms, and nuanced vocabulary suitable for professional and academic contexts. 

Understanding Cultural Context entails interpreting cultural subtleties, formality, and social conventions inherent in written and spoken information.

To pass the JLPT N2 test, you'll need to memorize roughly 6,000 vocabulary words and 1,000 kanji characters. 

The JLPT N2 test is organized as follows: 

Listening Comprehension: About 50 minutes with 34-36 questions. Listen to conversations and answer comprehension questions. 

Language Knowledge (Vocabulary/Grammar) and Reading: Approximately 105 minutes, with 70 questions. The Language knowledge component assesses vocabulary and grammatical ability. The reading portion demands comprehension of textual content as well as the responding of relevant questions. 

How is JLPT N2 Scored?

JLPT N2 Scoring:

  • Total Score Range: 0 to 180 points
  • Sections:
    • Language Knowledge (Vocabulary/Grammar): 0-60 points
    • Reading Comprehension: 0-60 points
    • Listening Comprehension: 0-60 points
  • Passing Score: 90 points (at least 19 points in each section)


Finally, achieving JLPT N2 competency requires thorough preparation in a variety of language skills. The test requires a deep understanding of over 6,000 vocabulary words and 1,000 kanji characters, which are necessary for navigating complicated texts and discussions. To succeed, work on improving your reading comprehension abilities so that you can properly comprehend a variety of written materials. Equally important is improving listening comprehension skills in order to comprehend spoken Japanese in a variety of circumstances, from official speeches to informal chats. Furthermore, learning grammatical structures and idiomatic idioms improves your ability to articulate ideas clearly and effectively in both written and spoken form. By making a constant effort in these areas via systematic study and practice, you will be able to confidently face the JLPT N2 test and attain your language proficiency objectives, whether for academic, professional, or personal reasons in Japan.

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